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from requirements definition to support

Requirements definition

Netsach helps you define your goals and your requirements. We describe the technical parts of your projects.


Netsach develops and implements the solution for you. You save time by focusing on your core values.

Technical expertise

Our experts are here to help you on the most complex tasks. They will help you achieve your goals faster than expected.

Training and support

Once the solution is delivered, we provide all the support you need. We offer training sessions so you can be as independant as you wish while securing your investments.

Functional requirement analysis

Requirements document definition

You need to offer new connected services for your customers or within your organization ? You need to optimize your processes and automate time consuming tasks ? Let's review your workflows together. . We help you establish a roadmap, specific goals to ensure success:

  • Required features : data analysis and processing, automation, automated reports, dashboards...
  • Target technologies : Web, HTML, Data flows, Open Data...
  • SLA
  • Costs, evolutions and sustainability


According to our analysis, we will offer several solutions to ensure you can chose the best fit for your organization :

  • Solution type : standard products, partial customization, full fledged custom solution...
  • Cost structure
  • Risks analysis
  • Overview

Solution implementation

Result-focused development

We offer a complete management of the solution implementation. Your teams stay focused while we implement the software solution. We keep you up to date with synthetic summaries and key information.

Technology masters

We work using the best technologies available and it is our job to be up to date. We offer the best tradeoff between sustainability of your investment and leading techs.

Technology and tools

Here are some of the tech we are using :

  • Python as our main programming language
  • Ansible as our IT automation tool
  • OpenStack as our cloud infrastructure
  • Gitlab as our private git repository management system
  • Django and Django Rest Framework for our backends
  • Marionnette.js for our user interfaces
  • and a lot more...

Technology Bridging

Integration solutions

Netsach offers a large service panel focused on hybrid technology bridging. We connect and create bridges between your systems (and third-party services) to offer a whole new kind of solutions. While you are focused on establishing new value-based services, we deal with the complex implementation while helping you protect your investment. Indeed, we provide rich-architectured solutions that allow us to create obsolete-proof systems.

New services design

Following a co-design methodology, we will help you create new services based on your existing infrastructure. You will reach a new level of value generation while using your current infrastructure (physical and virtual). Netsach creates connections where they matter the most.

Automation, a whole new level

We connect and automate all kind of processes and systems so they answer to your organization needs. Here are some of examples of hybrid integration:

  • Video feeds processing automation : recording, transcoding, distribution, broadcast
  • Human resources IT : acquisition, data mining, big data analysis, geocoding
  • White labelled automation platform : private and public APIs , smart folders, reporting, dashboard

Expertise for your current software

An under-performing system ?

You already have a solution but it lacks some of the key features you need ? You wish to take advantage of new features while keeping you current system ?
Netsach offers its expertise to help you while taking into account your specific requirements.

A specific issue ? API, REST, Cloud, Virtualization, Python, Django...

Our teams have a deep understanding of technologies :

  • Complex and reliable architectures
  • REST API management, RESTification of legacy SOAP services, ...
  • Automation and management of servers, public/private infrastructure
  • Open source support

Training and support on open source solutions

An innovative kind of support

Your organization use open source solutions ? We help you by supporting specific lirbaries or framework so you can rely on a structured company.

Training and support

Netsach currently offers training and support on :

  • Django web framework, Buildout, Backbone.js, Vue.js, Ansible
  • Django Rest Framework, Debian
  • Any Python package

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